The Great Debate

Every once in a while I like to have a good debate with myself. The tree in debate today is a blue spruce. I picked it up at a big box store-at there 75% off sales( I love fall). Here’s the tree after I thinned it out a little



The tree actually has pretty good structure and a thick trunk with good taper-soda can for size reference. Here’s the issue I dug down a little and cut off the rim to see if I could find the base, cuz I’m all about that base, aka nebari. It seems to be even lower in this pot, so I won’t be abl to find it till I repot in spring. It also has slight reverse taper due to being planted in hard clay- I know right!?The other idea I had, was to cut all the branches but one, like this awesome rendition here


What u think?

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