Big O’ Baldy

This is a large blad cypress I collected this spring. It’s about 40″ tall and has a 12″ base, cause if you remember, I’m all about that base. Its currently planted in one of those cement mixing tubs.


Its sporting it’s winter image now but I let it grow freely this year to regain its strength. This spring I’m going to carve out the top to appear as if struck by lightning. Most of the top branches will be removed and a few selected to be wired say early June once all the spring growth has flushed out on the branches I left.

There were no branches when I collected it.


Its planted a little deeper to help with root growth and is planted in pumice and peat. Filled with water till winter, then I add drainage holes. This is the front that looks the best. I’m gonna let it stay in the mixing tub this next year and then plant it in a large pot the following spring, not sure what shape yet.


Big huh! It soooo heavy too.

I have high hope for this guy as I’m going for a flat top type style.

Here just did a future plan, don’t be jealous of my artistic skills.

Now is spring here yet?

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