Bloody maple and Literati juniper

I have a couple maple projects in the work-I haven’t posted them yet and there’re local species, but I’ve snooping around(looking all shaddy like) local garden centers for a Japanese maple. I finally found a bloody good one, well, take a look. It’s a bloodgood Japanese maple. While these are not the best they can be with a little work and attention. Here’s the full tree


It’s a pretty big tree, on top of that it was only 50$. It was fun stuffing it in my little 2 door car-beep beep. Fall is a good time to hunt for store yamadori 🙂 The main reason why this guy caught my eye is this

20141116_100502 20141116_100742

It has good shape and nebari. This spring I will chop it to a basic shape and plant it in wide shallow grow out box, and leave it alone till next spring. It’ll be a large size bonsai due to the larger leaves on this variety. I got to say though it’ll look really cool once done due to the leave always being red. More, come spring.

Here’s another project that I’ve been working on for a few years. It’s finally ready for a nice pot and this spring it will be planted and then styled again in the summer. This guy was dug up in my yard due to a new deck being installed. It was kinda a rush as it was planted in a 5 gallon bucket I cut down and planted in 100% turface mvp.


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4 Responses to Bloody maple and Literati juniper

  1. jerozek2014 says:

    I think you could carve the big shari a bit to make it more interesting. Eager to see the progress you make on the bloodgood, I’ve not seen many of them used for bonsai.

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  2. veritas21885 says:

    The only problem with that is maple wood rots pretty ez and my area is rather humid so it wouldn’t last to long, plus it’s the main reason you don’t see shari’s or jins on maple is because it just rots away. Japanese maple in general are a little weaker then say tridents, and are more susceptible to diseases. I’ll make a couple cut to get the basic trunk and just let it grow unchecked to help heal the wounds. Though that would look good say an oak or willow as you see that pretty often.


  3. jerozek2014 says:

    No I meant carve the shari on the juniper. :]

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  4. veritas21885 says:

    lol well that make more sense then. Yeah I probably will later on once it in the pot


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