Diablo,rocks and on the fringe

Here’s a couple trees that you don’t see that often. First up is a 9 bark Diablo( Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Monlo’), quite a mouth full. I found this tree by accident actually. I was wondering around a small mom and pop garden store, as I do, and I literally walked into this fine tree nearly falling over. It was around 8 feet tall back then.


I have since been training it via clip n’ grow and it’s in a simple clay pot. The cool part about this species is the crazy flaky bark. It’ll stay in this pot for this second year and then a nice pot will be selected for this cool tree. The foliage is a deep purple and then turns reddish in fall-it’s really a pretty tree.


Next up is a fringe tree (loropetalum chinensis var. Rubrum), again a rarely used tree. Not the best pic,sorry


This was almost free so I figured why not. I may have a battle on my hands in term of making something worth looking at, but look at this.


It already has exposed roots and nice bark so who know I may be onto something, time will tell.

Finally I leave you with this, a few rocks I’ve found for some roots over rock projects this spring.


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