Massive Japanese black pine

I accidentally scheduled my car at the wrong mechanic. So I went there anyway and man am I’m glad I did. There’s a little mom and pop nursery next door that I didn’t know was there. So naturally as my car was getting  worked on, I went snooping,and this is what I bought.


Its a 10′ foot Japanese black pine. I was kinda shocked to see it as It was tucked in the corner with all the grafted fruit trees. Want to hear the kicker? 80$!!! For that price I couldn’t buy it fast enough. Here’s the base and the first 20″ or so, it’s already in a small pot relative to what most nursery stick there tree’s into to get more $$ out of us poor saps.



Its has a lot of branches to work with including this one that’s right at the top left of the pic above.


The quick thing I saw is this branch already has some really nice ramification( sorry forgot to take a pic,but if you look at the first pic of the whole tree, it’s the bottom left branch pad) so the thought is to bend this down and maybe do some hollowing of the trunk or something. This is just looking at the tree for about 30mins, further studying adn thinking caps will be required. I just had my little beep beep sedan so I can’t fit this beast in my car. They put a sold tag on it and will hold it there till I can pick it up with my friends truck. I’m pretty happy about this find, as I’ve never seen a jbp at any nursery in my area or this cheap! Here’s a pic of the top section



More to come and I have high hope to make something interesting out of this guy.

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2 Responses to Massive Japanese black pine

  1. It will be a challange to get this worked back, but pines are pretty good at making new buds. Feed a lot and water a lot, full sun and it will do well.

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    • veritas21885 says:

      I have a few other smaller pines that have been in development for the last couple years, have posted them yet, but I grabbed this guy as a good long term project. I think the first thing I’m gonna due is remove the top now and then in spring plant it in a large training pot and just let it grow and study it for a season.


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