Adventure Part 2

You know that area where I went and found that bald cypress? Well you think this one is collectable, I brought my folding saw(that’s me standing there all dumbfounded like)


Or how bout this one?


The pic don’t do justice just how large that baldy and oak are. Both are easily a few hundred years old, and the oak base is the size of a car. I went back there with my dad before they left for the holidays to go hunting for tree’s again and fossils again. I did more exploring and was very happy to find two beech tree’s that are worth collecting and are ez collections. They are growing on a 100′ sheer cliff so I didn’t have a free hand to take pictures but they have a compact root ball due to growing on the rock face with a few anchor roots. I don’t have any beech tree’s and they are very unique and cool tree’s! These are American Beech and can’t wait for spring!

Also this sycamore is really fighting to survive here. It’s all hollowed out and has a pool of water in it.

0104151159 0104151159a

I worked on my big pine and will share the results soon!

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