Black pine styled

My largest black pine(posted not long ago),while they are typically styled in early fall or late winter, I styled this guy last week and here are the results.


Sorry for the zoomed in pic but I remove around 60% of all the foliage/branches. I left a lot on there for the overall health of the tree, that will be removed next fall. Its a little hard to tell but when I repot it this spring I will be slanting it to the right and then styled back over the trunk.


I used the main branch that I thought I would. Its a pretty thick branch and was really though to bend. I wrapped it in wraffia then electrical tape. I used a large clamp to then slowly bend it back to where I wanted it. Then I used a guide wire to hold it in place.


Its hard to see the overall image due to the really long needles and all the extra branches(plus my amazing photography). That will change once candle pruning and branch work starts.


This winter I will be protecting it from freezing temps due to the large bend. All in all I’m pretty happy with the way this is shaping up and I see a bright future for such a nice tree. Has a long way to go but I’ll update it once spring hits.

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