What a find!

I just started collecting a few tropical bonsai as I’m setting up a tropical display in my house. Low and behold I come across this tree today and they were giving it away at work! I asked about it and snatch it up as soon as they said it was free. Crazy thing is, the old guy I got it from said he’s had for at least 25 years,not sure I could part with something I’ve had for so long, Sometimes your just in the right spot. Here is a shot of the whole tree


Here’s the reason why this is such a nice find-look at all those roots and fused goodness-12″ across no less

side 1


Side 2


Side 3


side 4


It was free so I may take some risk’s despite it being a ficus benjamina, which they say don’t backbud well. If I’m not feeling risky I’ll just leave it alone till late spring and then do all the work then. It’s pretty healthy despite being kept indoors and all those roots are pretty amazing. Since it’s my first Ficus I’m pretty happy with this find despite it not being the “best” species of ficus. Here’s a close up of all the leaves

0116151855 0116151855a

The future design will be a banyan type style and should be pretty powerfull if I can pull it off! Time will tell

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