Instant Bonsai!?

Figured I’d give a go at this since where all doing it lately. This is a blue spruce, that I styled the last couple days. I would of had it done in one, but…you know, family and work get in the way of the important stuff :p Any who I left more branches then I need because I didn’t want to remove to much just yet with out in a pot and mulling over the tree more. For now I’ll enjoy it, repot in spring,leave it alone till fall when I’ll decided what I want to remove/keep. Spruce are one of the few tree that you can style and work on in winter. Their sap flow is down, branches are flex-able(though thats a double edge sword with spruce!) and they can take the abuse this time of year-if they have not been re-potted that previous spring. I have a couple more spruce comeing up and a little more pics as I do them to. I’m still working on being a better blogger too! On with the pics! Also please enjoy my awesome photography skillz 😮

Decent front(for now anyway)

From below(don’t mind some of the messy wiring-I’m a real pro in real life;) )

From above

sitting on the bench enjoying some sun finally after all this rain.Look at all those Bonsai that need pots, Gonna be a busy spring this year!

Hate it? Like it? or just meh lol

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