I haz pots!

Well not that kind of potz, This kind! A couple are nicer from IKER but most are just cheaper ones but will be used none the less!


These couple red ones could look good for a Jade that I have(soon to be written about) what do you think?

For being cheaper pots I think they aren’t to bad.02151518020215151802a  Another cheaper pot that I could find a use


The next few are ones that came in bonsai that I bought, nothing special but will be used this spring

0215151803d 0215151803e 0215151803c

I bought a couple testers to see the quality from IKER pottery and I’m thoroughly impressed. I will be ordering from there again very soon! The attention to detail is very impressive and the build of them feels very solid.

0215151803 0215151803a 0215151803b

This next one is not a bonsai pot, as I was given it for Christmas. The problem with it, while very nice and solid, it has no feet, wire holes, and a very small drainage holes. I have a set of diamond hole saws so that part is not a big issue, It’s the feet part. I’m sure I can figure something out but we shall see. I really like the unique shape and color! I’m giving it a testing below 🙂


In other news were having record cold here! I mean it’s cold, low of 4!!! and that not counting windchill. Had to pile on the snow and put some in my garage because that’s just cold! Spring is seeming so far away, ugggggg.


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