Juniper-Another big on

I have always admired those large junipers with twisty dead wood. Well I finally going to start my own journey with one. It’s a beast, right at the limit of being able to pick it up, and took a little while to dig up. All that’s left to do now is keep it healthy as it recovers. Enjoy the pics.


Close up of the foliage


Lots of deadwood to work with, and will be worked once the tree has recovered.

0318151813a 0318151813b 0318151813c 0318151813d 0318151816 0318151816a

I did a quick virtual to see where I wanted to take this and of the few that I did this is what I settled on. I think it would really be something I could be proud of and even show worthy if I can pull this off.  Time will tell but I’m pretty excited to see where this one goes.


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