Yamadori Hunt Spring 2015

The great hunt for yamadori this year went great. It was a climbing adventure and without further ado, the pictures!

Day 1

The first thing I ran into was this amazing waterfall! It was cold and refreshing(I didn’t drink it though)

0410151424 Some of the cliffs that I went snooping around.0410151443

These two where candidates but the roots where close to 10′ before it went into the mountain-Scrub pines



Eastern white pine growing in a random pocket of a rock. I could have lifted it up with one hand but there where no close branches and it was best left where it was


Slightly dazed and confused….


At the top ,taking a breather.


At the end of the day I found an eastern hemlock that is rather fantastic and it’s 51 years old. Was growing on top of a rock and had many fine roots and 3 tap roots, so collection was ez and has a great chance of survival.


Day 2

I was a little more daring and climbed up some cliffs that are rather precarious, but I saw some excellent tree’s that were requiring my attention. It is a rather full and vigorous scrub pine that was the first pine I collect on the trip.

IMG_0773 IMG_0769

The next cliff was much higher and had lots of pockets to explore. I found a rather old tree,(scrub pine) growing in a small cliff that looked like it had a hard life. The only problem is it was a couple hundred feet up and took a while to get up safely, let alone bring the larger tree down again.

Another issue, is there was lots of caves and poop that either belonged to a bear or mountain lion. We didn’t see anything but I kept my eyes out


Can you find me in this picture?


Little closer….


Closer still…


At the ledge standing on a nearby rock, see something poking out?


Where the old pine sat.


Done for the day, due to exhaustion, and getting late I spotted one more that seemed to wanted to come home with me.



where are these tree’s from this trip? Patience young padawan. I’ll be doing another post very soon that go into full detail on the 3 scrub pines and hemlock I got from this trip.

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