Scrub pines and a hemlock

My last post included my trip out into the wilderness and looking for some yamadori. I didn’t however include picture of my findings. Here are the first three, all Pinus virginiana.(apologies as some of the picture are a little out of focus)

First one is small but has loads of character, natural shari’s and interesting shape.

0415151811 0415151812 0415151812a 0415151812b 0415151813

Next one lends itself to a semi cascade style naturally-due to how it gree in a crack in the rock- and has natural shari’s and deadwood. This one seems to the most vigorous as it was growing in the sunniest spot on the mountain. It will be treated pretty soon as the hole could be a borer or something that need to be taken care of.

0415151826 0415151827

Lots of dead wood on this small pine!

0415151827a 0415151826b 0415151826a

This one also had loads on baby cones on it-I removed them all so energy wouldn’t be wasted.


This last one is the largest and has a weeping look already to it due to it was growing in a shady pocket. I’m unsure the age but I think it’s rather old judging by the bark and it’s size.

04151518330415151813a 0415151813b 0415151814 0415151814a

Has some interesting dead wood and shari at a break from long ago.

0415151814b 0415151832

Old bark and nebari


Last but not least is a 51 old eastern hemlock-has great shape-bark, and spider like nebari. The foliage is out on the ends, but I already know how to chase back foliage on these. Plus grafting is really ez on this species as the heal as fast if not faster then bald cypress.

0415151829 0415151828b 0415151828a 0415151828

Just keeping them all healthy and alive is my goal for now. I’ll post an update on these in the summer to see how they are doing, and will be studying them to see where I want to take them. Next up will be that blue spruce you can see in a couple of these pics!

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1 Response to Scrub pines and a hemlock

  1. Darrell says:

    love these photos of your progress – thanks for sharing


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