Snaking Azalea

I seemed to have been bitten by the azalea bug. I had just one for a few years now but this year I have 4, I will be posting them soon. The nicest one I have I got this year and my only yamadori azalea(the rest are store bought cheapies). If it survives-which it should- it be quite a sight and joy to develop. It has white flower as well.

I mean look at that trunk and movement, almost snake like.


Has a hollow that has mostly healed over, but could be a cool feature as you don’t really see deadwood in azalea.


Pardon my awesome skillz with a camera here, but the hollow continues all the way through. Not sure if I’ll take steps to accentuate this or help it heal over.


The only thing that I’m really kicking my self for is this bad split. When I was collecting it I fell backwards, dropped the azalea and trying to catch my balance-stepped on and cracked the connecting trunk. Well, what are you gonna do but move forward. In the future I may just add this to the design, since it’s already pretty interesting. All the wounds are sealed and now we wait and see what it does.


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