Old man winter is angry!

Usually this time of year it’s starting to warm up around here, not so this year! I’m pretty happy about it because I work at a university so I have the day off, plus I love snow.


Bonsai season is right around the corner and there’s much to do. Can’t wait!

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We don’t get snow often in Virginia beach but we got a light dusting with the crazy storm that went through the north east. I love snow, so this was pretty exciting for me.


Not a lot going on with the outdoor trees, but I seemed to have been bit by tropical bug. Much to come as I’m building a large tropical display. Stay tuned!

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Instant Bonsai!?

Figured I’d give a go at this since where all doing it lately. This is a blue spruce, that I styled the last couple days. I would of had it done in one, but…you know, family and work get in the way of the important stuff :p Any who I left more branches then I need because I didn’t want to remove to much just yet with out in a pot and mulling over the tree more. For now I’ll enjoy it, repot in spring,leave it alone till fall when I’ll decided what I want to remove/keep. Spruce are one of the few tree that you can style and work on in winter. Their sap flow is down, branches are flex-able(though thats a double edge sword with spruce!) and they can take the abuse this time of year-if they have not been re-potted that previous spring. I have a couple more spruce comeing up and a little more pics as I do them to. I’m still working on being a better blogger too! On with the pics! Also please enjoy my awesome photography skillz 😮

Decent front(for now anyway)

From below(don’t mind some of the messy wiring-I’m a real pro in real life;) )

From above

sitting on the bench enjoying some sun finally after all this rain.Look at all those Bonsai that need pots, Gonna be a busy spring this year!

Hate it? Like it? or just meh lol

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What a find!

I just started collecting a few tropical bonsai as I’m setting up a tropical display in my house. Low and behold I come across this tree today and they were giving it away at work! I asked about it and snatch it up as soon as they said it was free. Crazy thing is, the old guy I got it from said he’s had for at least 25 years,not sure I could part with something I’ve had for so long, Sometimes your just in the right spot. Here is a shot of the whole tree


Here’s the reason why this is such a nice find-look at all those roots and fused goodness-12″ across no less

side 1


Side 2


Side 3


side 4


It was free so I may take some risk’s despite it being a ficus benjamina, which they say don’t backbud well. If I’m not feeling risky I’ll just leave it alone till late spring and then do all the work then. It’s pretty healthy despite being kept indoors and all those roots are pretty amazing. Since it’s my first Ficus I’m pretty happy with this find despite it not being the “best” species of ficus. Here’s a close up of all the leaves

0116151855 0116151855a

The future design will be a banyan type style and should be pretty powerfull if I can pull it off! Time will tell

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Black pine styled

My largest black pine(posted not long ago),while they are typically styled in early fall or late winter, I styled this guy last week and here are the results.


Sorry for the zoomed in pic but I remove around 60% of all the foliage/branches. I left a lot on there for the overall health of the tree, that will be removed next fall. Its a little hard to tell but when I repot it this spring I will be slanting it to the right and then styled back over the trunk.


I used the main branch that I thought I would. Its a pretty thick branch and was really though to bend. I wrapped it in wraffia then electrical tape. I used a large clamp to then slowly bend it back to where I wanted it. Then I used a guide wire to hold it in place.


Its hard to see the overall image due to the really long needles and all the extra branches(plus my amazing photography). That will change once candle pruning and branch work starts.


This winter I will be protecting it from freezing temps due to the large bend. All in all I’m pretty happy with the way this is shaping up and I see a bright future for such a nice tree. Has a long way to go but I’ll update it once spring hits.

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Adventure Part 2

You know that area where I went and found that bald cypress? Well you think this one is collectable, I brought my folding saw(that’s me standing there all dumbfounded like)


Or how bout this one?


The pic don’t do justice just how large that baldy and oak are. Both are easily a few hundred years old, and the oak base is the size of a car. I went back there with my dad before they left for the holidays to go hunting for tree’s again and fossils again. I did more exploring and was very happy to find two beech tree’s that are worth collecting and are ez collections. They are growing on a 100′ sheer cliff so I didn’t have a free hand to take pictures but they have a compact root ball due to growing on the rock face with a few anchor roots. I don’t have any beech tree’s and they are very unique and cool tree’s! These are American Beech and can’t wait for spring!

Also this sycamore is really fighting to survive here. It’s all hollowed out and has a pool of water in it.

0104151159 0104151159a

I worked on my big pine and will share the results soon!

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Happy new years!

Well belated anyway! This was a nice new year present


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